SCC Titan Overview

The SCC Titan Platform provides military and government agencies with a secure web-based application for full tracking and communications capability, including situational awareness, operational command and control, emergency response and the ability to provide comprehensive post operation debriefing. SCC TITAN comprises of a number of different elements including a platform as part of a Common Operating Picture (COP), devices (BLOS and GSM/GPRS) and SCC Tactical. A combination of a web-based platform as the command system and a client-based platform at the tactical level in the field is the basis of any future solution – SCC Titan has this architecture.

T24Defence designs and builds proprietary hardware . The product suite consists of a complete range of Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) personnel and vehicle, aircraft and maritime devices with military grade environmental standards such as IP67/68. The devices are built for the military sector and are fit for purpose across the package of SCC TITAN specifically addressing communications and security requirements. They are proven to be best in class for military requirements.

SCC TITAN incorporates machine-to-machine (m2m) capability in the hardware and software platforms to allow lateral communications and situational awareness between tactical level users as well as vertically between tactical users and headquarters. Furthermore, secure communications can be sent two ways between satellite devices and Android and iOS smartphones. Secure messages can also be sent to email and SMS via satellite.

SCC TITAN has been developed with the security considerations of governments and agencies in mind. The devices and platforms incorporate the highest levels of encryption and end-to-end security. Unless using an ASP solution from T24D, SCC Titan resides on servers behind the client firewalls. The client has full control of the security of data across the networks and can control and disable devices in the field.

SCC TITAN can be integrated with any C4I or BMS system allowing for data convergence to higher-level strategic systems. SCC Titan does not replace BMS/C4i platforms, which are, in the main, radio based. It is a BLOS bolt-on that augments existing national systems and cost effectively satisfies the deficiency in every military of lost or no comms at the tactical level and therefore SA and C2.