SCC Tactical


SCC Tactical is the mobile component of the SCC Titan solution and provides control at the tactical level for personnel on foot as well as in vehicles, boats or aircraft. It is designed to be accessed on a tablet or laptop computer in the field and connects to the SCC Platform as a client-based standalone situational awareness and command and control solution. The SA picture, incorporating Gallium geospatial mapping software, provides a global display of all the assets that can be viewed by the tactical user dependent on a quickly configurable permissions structure. It utilises satellite communications infrastructure to ensure continuous secure operation, anywhere in the world.

SA updates can be on demand or streamed to the user on configurable time intervals. SCC Tactical software is available for Windows 7/8 and Android and mapping is stored locally. The tablet or laptop on which SCC Tactical resides uses a data device such as the Iridium Whisper/Echo or Inmarsat Horizon as the modem to upload and download tracks, SA updates and communication data.