SCC Mobile

SCC Titan is device agnostic and any device can be integrated. The following devices have been developed by T24 Defence specifically for the defence sector.


The Wave is the latest addition to SCC TITAN’s Iridium satellite-based C2 BFT comms solution for Military. It is an IP67 and CE Certified Iridium satellite device, using AES256 encryption. It provides GPS tracking, emergency alerting, IoT sensors and 2-way chat messaging.

The Wave’s rugged build quality, field-replaceable battery and resistive touch screen are ideal for in-theatre SOTM (Satcom On The Move).

To learn more and PRE-ORDER the Wave, go to our Wave webpage.


Connected to SCC TITAN, Garmin inReach provides global, interactive SOS capabilities, with maps feature. Track location, communicate by 2-way text. SCC TITAN provides an advanced and secure web-based application for command and control communications in remote and austere environments.


Connected to SCC TITAN, Garmin inReach Mini provide global, interactive SOS capabilities, in a small, rugged, lightweight device. Track location and communicate by 2-way chat. SCC TITAN provides an advanced and secure web-based application for command and control communications in remote and austere environments.


An Iridium satellite device using AES256 encryption and has the capability of GPS tracking, emergency alerting, M2M sensors and 2-way chat messaging. This is a device for a vehicle, aircraft or marine vessel but can be portable as it has battery backup and is rated to IP67. At 15 minutes interval GPS reporting, the battery will last over 7 days and nights.


This is a soldier personnel device using the Iridium satellite network to provide GPS tracking, 2-way chat messaging and emergency alerting. This has AES256 encryption and is IP68 waterproof to 1 meter. Reporting frequency is configurable over the air.


Shadow is a dual mode GPRS/ Iridium Satellite tracking and M2M device.

Shadow Cargo Mode

The Cargo Shadow is used for commercial or military logistics. It is a container/consignment tracking device using its own battery.


  • 2 Tracks per day – 2.59 years
  • 5 min reporting – 55.4 days
  • 1 min reporting – 11.5 days


  • Door Open/Close
  • Humidity
  • Temperature
  • Battery Level
  • Remote Panic Alarm
  • Motion Sensor

Shadow Vehicle Mode

The Vehicle Mode Shadow is hard wired into the vehicle and out of sight. Covert remote antennas and connection to the vehicle’s power allow the vehicle to not only be tracked but occupants have a remote panic alarm and can connect into the Shadow via Bluetooth to enable SA and C2 via SCC Tactical, the Echo Touch App on Android (compatible with Shadow and Whisper) and SCC Pocket (if out of GPRS range).

When the vehicle parks up then the unit switches from vehicle battery power to its own battery and creates a Bluetooth or Wifi hub for SA and C2.

Echo Touch

Echo Touch is an App for Android Smartphones and allows the user to remotely control the Whisper, Echo and Shadow devices via bluetooth. This allows remote reading of satellite connectivity, battery power, GPS lock and position as well as allowing remote 2 way communications and panic alarm.

SCC Pocket

SCC Pocket is an App  for iOS/Android smartphones  and communicates on the GPRS/GSM networks. It is capable of GPS tracking, two way chat messaging and emergency management. This device also has some SA software capability and is AES256 encrypted.