The SCC Platform incorporates several add-on modules. The underlying technology in the devices and the Message Handler on the SCC Platform has been designed for Machine to Machine (M2M) capability to allow data to flow from sensors and devices in the field back to the platform and then, on a configurable basis, flow back to the field as SA or command data. M2M will underpin future developments and is the inherent power of SCC Titan.

Cargo Shadow with sensors for door open/close, humidity, temperature, movement and battery life provides up to 2 years reporting on one charge. The module on the SCC Platform allows for alerting, reporting, and full remote control of the sensor parameters globally.

Allen Vanguard (AV) is a leading providing of ECM equipment to block remote initiation of IEDs. SCC Titan is integrated to the AV Equinox System and allows threat data to be sent back to the SCC Platform as an alert and for this to be forwarded to nearest responders in the field. A threat can then be turned into a target.

Fills on the ECM equipment can also be changed over the air via the SCC Platform or using geofences on the device, negating the requirement to return to base.

Smith’s Detection LCD chemical sensors for soldiers are integrated to a Whisper satellite device that sends threat data BLOS to the SCC Titan platform. This threat alert data is then sent to the nearest Tactical user, within a set radius, to inform in real time where, when and what the threat is.

Thermal Scientific Radeye radiation sensors are used across Canada in remote locations to monitor ambient radiation levels. Data from these sensors is passed back to the government platforms that are integrated to the SCC Titan Message Handler but not to the front-end SCC Platform. This saves people having to travel to the remote sites to retrieve data.

The airborne solution comprises of an Iridium SBD satellite device (Whisper) that uses an external aero certified dual Iridium/GPS antenna to communicate with the satellites. This device is the communications data link and is then connected to either a Win7/8 or Android tablet that provides the interface for messaging, situational awareness and emergency alerts.

On the tablet an electronic map displays all operational assets with real time details of military grid reference (MGRS), time, date, altitude and speed. This will provide the aircrew with real-time SA whilst the messaging window will allow short messages to be sent to the HQ, other aircraft, an asset on the ground with a smart phone (possibly iPhone) or even to all assets as a broadcast message. The solution also allows the aircrew to send and receive email in the aircraft. The data is protected using AES256 level encryption and no single asset has the same encryption keys.

Automatic Identification Systems (AIS) data is viewed on maritime vessel terminals such as Raymarine. However, AIS location data is sent insecure and often transmitted via line of sight VHF and therefore easy to intercept. Somali pirates often locate shipping some 250 miles from their coast by intercepting valuable location data sent with no security. A Special Forces client wanted to have their maritime BLOS SA data overlaid onto their existing AIS terminals in each boat. This was provided using T24D encrypted satellite devices integrated into their terminals. Furthermore, the solution provided 2-way messaging and emergency response of 13 seconds from trigger.

SCC Titan allows secure communications between SCC Tactical and Whisper and Echo satellite devices to terrestrial email or SMS.