Case Studies

The following shows case studies on T24 Defence clients, which cover Jungle Operations, Emergency Response, Remote Areas, Supply Chains and Aircraft.

A client in South America has extensive operations in the jungle against a well-trained and resolute enemy. They suffered from problems with command and control because patrols had difficulty maintaining radio communications in the jungle due to the jungle canopy and the mountainous terrain.

SCC TITAN was the solution and the client now has effective SA and C2 greatly enhancing their ability to support troops in contact, resupply, co-ordinate jungle and river movement and receive timely intelligence. The client has SCC TITAN in use with two operational brigades and is in the process of introducing a third brigade.

A European special unit deployed to the Ukraine after the downing of Malaysian Airlines MH17. The unit scaled up with additional SCC Titan devices 24 hours prior to deployment and this formed the principle means for SA and C2 for the operation. The HQ was able to monitor, manage and record the movements and communications of the troops on the ground. The troops, who arrived by helicopter, had an immediate secure global communications template with HQ and each other without any reliance on local infrastructure such as GSM/GPRS.

A North American country has thousands of square miles of remote snow bound borders to patrol. The rangers who patrol these vast expanses relied on poor radio communications and were often out of communication range. As well as not being able to relay timely COMMERCIAL IN CONFIDENCE 10 intelligence they were also highly exposed to safety issues such as cold injuries and broken down or over-turned snowmobiles.

With SCC TITAN these problems have been solved. Every ranger now has an SCC TITAN device and they can communicate to base and with each other. The SCC TITAN Platform is providing a live picture of the ranger’s locations. The whole operation has experienced a step-change improvement.

A European military commissioned T24D to develop a logistics capability. They wanted to monitor/manage sensitive or high value military cargos being transported by container. As well as the locations of the cargos they also wanted sensor data such as door open/close, temperature, humidity, shock, movement and contents. The project was a success and they are now in the implementation phase transporting cargo in Africa.

A North American country also deployed SCC TITAN for managing logistics on a major exercise giving commanders’ real time consignment information over a 3,000 mile route. The post exercise report drew attention to the fact that not only had SCC TITAN provided them with SA/C2 successfully but the soldiers had also used it as the primary communications means over and above their standard issue communications.

Several NATO countries are using SCC Titan on fixed wing and rotary airframes. Cargo aircraft transporting material into Africa previously lost communications once beyond radar and radio. SCC Titan provided a simple cost effective solution to provide SA and C2 beyond line of sight.

With global crises and population migration resulting in millions of people moving from country to country every year, maintaining, managing and securing borders is harder than ever before. Coordinating border patrol teams and assets requires detailed organisation and command and control planning. SCC Titan provides the platform for a multi-agency approach to this problem connecting border guards with maritime and air assets as well as other agencies and providing a Common Operating Picture to co-ordinate activity and response.