This scenario, based on a real scenario, is used to illustrate some of the benefits of SCC Titan. A military force is currently involved in high tempo operations. The operational area covers a huge remote area and long borders. Operations often involve deep penetration into neighbouring countries, offensive actions and the domination of ground once in control. Challenges include combined operations, resupply, an extended supply chain, civil affairs and intelligence gathering.

In cases where militaries are involved in combined operations with either the Air force, Navy, Police or as part of a regional coalition then SCC Titan may form a simple and rapidly deployable platform to provide a Common Operating Picture (COP) and a communications capability between units.

Devices can be provided to elements of the local community or friendly factions who report back on hostile force activity. This will establish a geospatial representation of enemy force activity and allow commanders to communicate with the local community enhancing their safety and providing targets for offensive action. Importantly, all information coming in will be logged so providing an audit trail of an event. This is a rapid, secure and cost effective way of establishing a wide area intelligence network.

Much of the OA is conducted at night making C2/SA difficult. Often insertion is by parachute with the dangers and difficulties inherent in becoming separated and knowing about and locating injured personnel. Radio networks remain the primary communications means. However, with SCC TITAN commanders at the HQ and Forward Operating Bases have visibility of units in the field. Carrying SCC Titan devices provides the location of each soldier on screens displaying either detailed mapping or satellite imagery of the area. It also allows them to communicate information such as contact reports, situation reports, resupply requirements and much more. They can send messages to other call signs and back to the FOB/HQ in real-time with high-level encryption.

If in contact they can press the emergency alarm, this will display who is in contact on the screens at HQ/FOB and on any sub unit commander carrying SCC Tactical in the field. A “nearest responder” report is automatically sent to the call signs nearest the unit in contact indicating who is in contact, distance and heading to them and the proximity ranking of the receiving call sign. With SCC Tactical a soldier can view the other soldiers/units on the mapping GUI and can communicate directly with them.

Blue on blue is an ever-present danger. This is avoided as HQ can immediately see the potential blue on blue situation arising and can communicate with sub-units either using their radio communications if available or data through SCC TITAN as a backup.

SCC Titan will greatly reduce the traffic load on the radio networks leaving the net open for more important communications. SCC Tactical on air assets allows aircrew to locate friendly forces and reduce the risk of fratricide as they support combat operations on the ground.

Geofences depicting the operational areas of units will activate alarms in the Ops rooms if a call-sign strays either out of or into an area they are not supposed to be in. The call-sign will automatically receive a message informing them that a geofence has been crossed. Commanders within their own operational area will automatically receive the message that another call sign has entered their area.

In other words, without any human decision making, the information is automatically and rapidly passed to the right people to help avoid a blue on blue incident.

Injuries are inevitable in military operations. Getting medical attention to the casualty quickly can be the difference between life and death. SCC TITAN provides the mechanism to know a person is injured, brief details about the nature of the injury, their exact position and the location for casevac. SCC Titan on the Helicopters allows the crew to vector straight onto the casevac location and provides ground to air to ground communications.

As a soft benefit the knowledge that they will be treated quickly has a large positive effect on soldiers’ morale. SCC TITAN is a tangible demonstration of that commitment.

Once the terrain has been captured it needs to be secured. SCC TITAN provides an effective means of communication and SA/C2 for this phase reducing the reliance on radio comms and providing a reliable secondary means of communications if the primary radio comms fail or the call-sign is out of radio range.

In theatres such as Iraq and Afghanistan, commanders frustrated with poor radio comms, resorted to using local GSM networks and talking in clear. The poor security of this approach has obvious dangers and this is compounded where, in some instances, hostile forces control the mobile networks. SCC TITAN provides a secure and reliable secondary communications means.

Part of dominating new territory is civil affairs, providing health and other essential services to the community. SCC TITAN can be used to co-ordinate these operations. T24 was and still is used extensively in Iraq and Afghanistan for co-ordinating the agencies providing reconstruction and other services in the operational theatre.

An SCC Titan device can be given to a member of the local community as a means of establishing secure and simple communications without compromise to enemy forces. This will be far preferable to GSM communications. In the event of capture of the device, there is no risk to security as the unit has independent encryption keys that can be remotely disabled. It also has password protection that is remotely accessible from the HQ platform.

Supporting operations in remote regions requires an extended supply chain of vehicles and air resupply. SCC TITAN can provide tracking and information on supply vehicles moving to the operational theatre. Commanders will understand when they are likely to receive supplies and they will also be alerted if vehicles/air assets deviate from the route.

Should a convoy encounter an ambush, accident or breakdown then the emergency alarm can provide the alert and a response can be initiated within seconds of the incident occurring.

SCC TITAN can drive efficiencies into the supply chain for any military organization by providing a clear operational picture of the location of equipment and materiel at all times.