Does your current communications system cover remote or mountainous areas?

SCC TITAN addresses the problem of lost or no communications and therefore Situational Awareness (SA) and Command and Control (C2) at the tactical level. It also provides an almost unique capability for multi-agency operations to achieve a Common Operating Picture.

SCC TITAN has three components – SCC Platform, Tactical, and Mobile.

The SCC TITAN Platform is web-enabled, sits on servers behind the customer firewalls and provides a Common Operating Picture (COP) at HQ and tactical Command Post levels. SCC Tactical component is a client-based platform with a geospatial display that sits on a tablet at the deployed soldier level providing SA and C2 to field units globally. The Mobile component consists of hand-held and vehicle borne satellite devices using Short Burst Data (SBD) to transmit data such as position, elevation, text messages and sensor information.


SCC TITAN is totally global and allows data to flow backwards and forwards between the command HQ (Platform) and the tactical levels.

By enabling the transmission and receipt of important information, simple but structured military reports, geospatial display of deployed assets at the tactical level, SCC TITAN ensures that SA and C2 is maintained when tactical voice radio is unavailable. This ensures that commanders have the information they need to act intelligently whatever the voice communications situation.

SCC TITAN incorporates the highest levels of encryption and end-to-end security, and can be integrated with any C4I or BMS system allowing for data convergence to higher-level strategic systems.