About Us

T24 Defence is a technology software and hardware developer. It has developed the hardware and software suite for SCC Titan for the tracking and transmission of SA and C2 data. It provides this for personnel, vehicles, aircraft and other high-value assets, using Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) satellite technologies in remote areas, beyond the range of standard radio networks or cellular.

Special Forces (SF) communities as well as Army, Navy and Air Force units are using SCC TITAN worldwide for fast reaction beyond line of sight C2 capability. SCC TITAN is currently in use with 10 national defence forces. Increasingly, multi-agencies who share the problem of lost or no communications at the tactical level, such as fire and other emergency services, are also adopting SCC Titan.

Situational Command and Control

SCC Titan (Situation Command and Control Titan) addresses the problem of lost or no communications and therefore Situational Awareness (SA) and Command and Control (C2) at the tactical level. It also provides an almost unique capability for multi-agency operations to achieve a Common Operating Picture.

SCC Titan (Situational Command and Control Titan) has three components – SCC Platform, Mobile and Tactical. The SCC Platform is web-enabled, sits on servers behind the customer firewalls and provides a Common Operating Picture (COP) at HQ and tactical Command Post levels. The Mobile component consists of hand-held and vehicle borne satellite devices using Short Burst Data (SBD) to transmit data such as position, elevation, text messages and sensor information. The Tactical component is a client based platform with a geospatial display that sits on a tablet at the deployed soldier level providing SA and C2 to field units globally.

SCC Titan is totally global and allows data to flow backwards and forwards between the command HQ and the tactical levels. It also allows data to flow laterally between field units providing tactical level communications using secure, cost effective, SBD satellite channels.



By enabling the transmission and receipt of important information, simple but structured military reports, geospatial display of deployed assets at the tactical level, SCC Titan ensures that SA and C2 is maintained when tactical voice radio is unavailable. This ensures that commanders have the information they need to act intelligently whatever the voice communications situation.



Does your current communications system cover remote or mountainous areas?

What system is in place for units deploying into an area with no radio communications?

Can your commanders on the ground see where their own and other units are?




Tim Grant has a degree in Civil Engineering from Southampton University and an MBA from Cranfield School of Management. He attended the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst and served as an officer in the Royal Engineers and 22 SAS Regiment. On leaving the British Army he worked for GE Capital before founding Tuskerdirect, an internet based car leasing company, which is now a leader in its field. In 2004 he set up Track24, an established provider of geospatial risk management technology to governments and corporations operating in high risk countries. In 2010, having identified a gap in the market for beyond line of sight Situational Awareness and Command and Control within militaries and other government agencies globally, he established T24 Defence to address the problem.



Giles Peeters joined the RAF in 1989. Specialising in military communications,  his service included tours with the Defence Communications Security Agency (DCSA) Corsham and GCHQ Cheltenham. He worked with the DCSA Corsham Satellite Integrated Project Team (SAT IPT) as their MOD Commercial satellite service delivery officer for front-line tactical communication projects and deployment capability for Joint Helicopter Command (JHC), Land Command in the Iraq and Afghanistan theatres of operations. On leaving the RAF in 2007  he became the Sales Director of EMS Satcom (now Honeywell) in Canada selling blue force tracking capability to NATO and militaries world-wide. Bringing extensive satellite experience, he joined T24 Defence at its inception in 2010 as the COO and has been instrumental in the development and marketing of SCC Titan.



Guy Desbiens started an information technology company in 1993 delivering products, IT network consultation, and dynamic web applications to various corporate customers in the Ottawa area. In 2001, he joined EMS Satcom (now Honeywell) leading hardware and software teams as product manager. He designed advanced portable satellite systems, providing fleet management products to large transportation companies and blue force tracking capability to militaries organizations. On leaving EMS Satcom, he joined T24 Defence in 2010 as CTO and developed satellite hardware devices, M2M capability, and software products for the SCC Titan product line.


Military Advisor

General Sir Rupert Smith KCB DSO OBE QGM commanded the British Armoured Division in the first Gulf War in 1991 and the United Nations Protection Force (Unprofor) in Bosnia in 1995. He was the senior European officer in NATO during the 1999 Kosovo campaign and has written two books on the changing nature of warfare.

General Sir Rupert Smith comments: “The need for proactive security is pressing, with forces involved in close combat scenarios in which commanders need a Common Operating Picture (COP) containing all of their assets. Militaries worldwide will need to look to the commercial sector as conflicts develop, in order to fulfil their operational requirements. Budgets are not unlimited and the commercial sphere is already well ahead in terms of complexity and affordability.