Month: March 2011

Track24 launches Blue Force Tracking COTS solution to militaries worldwide


Track24 military advisor, General Sir Rupert Smith, believes 21st century warfare puts “…a premium on commercial, off-the-shelf solutions”

01 March 2011, Ottawa – Track24 Defence, the commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) blue force and blue personnel tracking (BFT/BPT) specialist, today unveiled its new Situational Command & Control (SCC) software to militaries worldwide. The SCC Platform and SCC Tactical systems are designed to provide full blue force tracking capability, including situational awareness, operational command and control, emergency response and the ability to provide comprehensive post-operation debriefing, to land, air and sea forces. Track24 has developed the SCC solution to meet the demands for affordable COTS BFT/BPT systems, suitable for high-level military operations.

The SCC Platform is designed for strategic and tactical HQ command and control, can be sold with a turn-key server solution or as a stand-alone, and is capable of supporting up to 10,000 assets at any one time. The SCC Tactical is a field-based system designed to run on a laptop or tablet directly connected to an Iridium PackMaster Lo-Pro satellite device. This allows beyond-line-of-sight (BLOS), no-point-of-weakness situational command and control during live operations in austere mountainous regions such as those found in Afghanistan.

Track24 Defence Sector Director, Giles Peeters, who joined the company after 19 years of MoD and NATO SatCom experience comments: “We’ve known for some time that there were COTS solutions available, suitable for BLOS operations all over the world. The SCC system is designed to offer commanders full C2 capability over their assets, and fills the niche between simple VHF/UHF radio communications and multi-billion pound Battle Management Systems.”

The system capability has been developed by Peeters with ex-Deputy Supreme Commander of NATO, General Sir Rupert Smith advising on strategy throughout. The General notes: “We need a different approach to providing fit-for-purpose military solutions. As a general principle equipment should be procured for the specific operation and not before. This puts a premium on commercial off-the-shelf solutions and efficient research and development.”

Track24 Defence’s systems are currently distributed in Europe, Asia-Pac, Australasia and South America.