Month: October 2010

Renowned General joins Track24 to support Defence Sector expansion


London, 01 October 2010 – One of Britain’s most distinguished soldiers and ex-Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe (NATO), General Sir Rupert Smith, KCB, DSO & Bar, OBE, QGM, has joined Track24, the market leader in the Security Tracking and Risk Management Sector (STRMS), in a military advisory capacity. The company announced its expansion into the defence sector in June with the appointment of ex-MoD and NATO communications expert Giles Peeters as Defence Sector Director. Track24 is now marketing its Situational Command & Control (SCC) platform to militaries around the world.

General Sir Rupert Smith commanded the British Armoured Division in the first Gulf War in 1991 and the United Nations Protection Force (Unprofor) in Bosnia in 1995. He was the senior European officer in NATO during the 1999 Kosovo campaign and has written two books on the changing nature of warfare.

In his capacity as Track24’s military advisor, he will assist in developing the strategic and tactical capability of the commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) Track24 SCC solution.

Track24 provides hardware and software solutions to enable organisations and military forces to track, command and control personnel, vehicles, aircraft and maritime vessels. The company’s integrated command, control, communication and crisis management platform will provide the defence sector with situational awareness, two-way messaging and emergency response capabilities. These capabilities enable commanders to monitor their personnel and assets remotely with the help of tracking devices, messaging systems and panic-buttons. The technology is encrypted to standards required by militaries and governments (AES256 point-to-point encryption), and services are provided over satellite, radio or GSM/GPRS networks.

General Sir Rupert Smith comments: “Battles on the ground are occurring more frequently and in densely populated urban areas. The need for proactive security is pressing, with forces involved in close combat scenarios in which commanders need a Common Operating Picture (COP) containing all of their assets. Militaries worldwide will need to look to the commercial sector as conflicts develop, in order to fulfil their operational requirements. Budgets are not unlimited and the commercial sphere is already well ahead in terms of complexity and affordability.

“Track24’s SCC platform is affordable and secure and allows a military force essential command and control capability from a COTS system. I look forward to engaging with senior management and advising on the strategic and tactical implications for their government clients.”

Giles Peeters, Track24 Defence Sector Director, comments: “We are delighted to have General Sir Rupert Smith on board as he brings a wealth of operational experience and knowledge that will support the development of the platform. Demand for affordable, secure and robust command and control systems is high and we are already working with militaries around the world that rely on our SCC platform.

“As espoused in General Smith’s successful book, ‘The Utility of Force’, adapting military capability to an environment where ‘war amongst the people’ is a recurrent theme, SCC represents one dimension of information management that will influence the way militaries operate in the future.”